Friday, March 14, 2014

Introducing my partner for the 8th BSBP

Everyone of the 450+ participants are paired and the party is beginning, My partner Karen Martinez over at Fairies Market is interested in many of the same things as me, which is awesome! 
She likes rocks and all things earth it seems- Me too! She lives in New Mexico so she is part of a beautiful part of our country to be in love with rocks... Love to visit there sometime for sure, you know "on the bucket list"…

I was intrigued and in awe by her photography. She participates in "30 words" which was both fun and inspiring to read. She has been bloggin for some time at Fairies Market. I encourage all to stop in and look at her beautiful jewelry and awesome pictures. She likes to challenge herself it appears as she has joined many blog hops, good for her... Now off to get her goodies photographed and packed up to ship…so excited~ and if it was football season we could be rooting for the same team, yup she is also a Patriots fan!!! Maybe by the time the season begins again I will have better internet access and will be able to watch some games. 

A big thanks to Lori Anderson of Pretty Things for getting this together. She and her elves work tirelessly to get it rounded up and off and running. Visit her blog as she does this against many medical obstacles she is dealing with, so prayers for her and her continued to struggle to live pain free.