Sunday, May 11, 2014

8th Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal

Lori Anderson Of Pretty Things puts this shindig together. I am very appreciative of her time and endless dedication to getting this done. We swap with a partner a set of beads, or soup ingredients in this instance, and we are charged with using the clasp and the focal bead. You can use from your own stash or not there are no other rules. simple right??? Well not really cause the other part is not a rule bu more of a challenge, which you will understand when you  Go on over to Lori's page where you will see the list of over 500 participants in this 8th Bead Soup Blogging Party~

Here is what I got from Karen.Now on to reveal what I made with this bead soup mix...

Karen and I were excited about being paired as we appeared to have some things in common, I can tell you I think the biggest thing we have in common is that we are busy…a lot!!!! This was evident in our limited contact, but all and all we were able to learn a bit about each other and My hope is she had as much fun as I did working with elements that were different from our usual. I know I was challenged…Dichroic glass for one and large elements for two…beautiful red for three's a charm. 

I was not sure what I was going to do at first, lucky for me I had ordered some vintage lucite beads and wouldn't it come to pass that the colors were perfect, I mean perfect for the stringing components that allowed this to hang perfect and comfortably. I did some wire wrapping and made a bail for the dichroic disk to attach to the strung necklace. And viola!!! A beauty is born

As for the other color she sent…BLUE, now blue is my color-----love me some blue and the Sodalite beads Karen shared were screaming for joining some viking knit I had made, oh well over two years ago, that were just needing to be used. I was able to cut it in to two pieces and it worked to create this necklace with a clasp I had received in a previous swap, made by Pajego Art House. This is something else that has been waiting for a home:-) Can we say bead hoarder, hehe…Speaking of hoarding, notice the beads that were sent and what I used*******yes, I have some left:-) 

Here is the clasp in use…I kept this one simple as I wanted to use the chips Karen had sent. I added some size 8 seed beads to pull the pink in from the clasp. I still think it could use a little something, but all and all I am pleased with my additions to Cecerely Yours. 

Here is a reminder of what I sent to Karen, so now go on over to her blog and see what she has created, I know I will be…Soup is served~

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your time viewing the other talented bead soup participants~Peace

Friday, March 14, 2014

Introducing my partner for the 8th BSBP

Everyone of the 450+ participants are paired and the party is beginning, My partner Karen Martinez over at Fairies Market is interested in many of the same things as me, which is awesome! 
She likes rocks and all things earth it seems- Me too! She lives in New Mexico so she is part of a beautiful part of our country to be in love with rocks... Love to visit there sometime for sure, you know "on the bucket list"…

I was intrigued and in awe by her photography. She participates in "30 words" which was both fun and inspiring to read. She has been bloggin for some time at Fairies Market. I encourage all to stop in and look at her beautiful jewelry and awesome pictures. She likes to challenge herself it appears as she has joined many blog hops, good for her... Now off to get her goodies photographed and packed up to ship…so excited~ and if it was football season we could be rooting for the same team, yup she is also a Patriots fan!!! Maybe by the time the season begins again I will have better internet access and will be able to watch some games. 

A big thanks to Lori Anderson of Pretty Things for getting this together. She and her elves work tirelessly to get it rounded up and off and running. Visit her blog as she does this against many medical obstacles she is dealing with, so prayers for her and her continued to struggle to live pain free.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Beadcamp 2014~

I'm addicted…to glass that is! I had the great fortune of attending beadcamp in Nokomis Florida. The hosts, Marley and Jetze Beers, were beyond accommodating and warm. There was not one aspect that they did not think about for the benefit of their "guests". There were 8 of us, each with our own station to work at, complete with tools to create and learn the art of lampworking. I was the only guest who had never laid eyes on the apparatus of propane and oxygen to melt glass rods. I was so locked into the process and ohhhhhh how much I learned from the instructor. Janie Jones of grammy glass was our instructor. She made learning fun, fun, fun! You can see my day 1 beads below, cool right!!

Day 1 of Beadcamp, my first lampwork beads:-)
By day 5 I could get a nice round bead. Oh and check out my dot placement on my cupcake and my fishy:-)

I now have a whole bowl full of beads to do something with. Won't be earrings, lol, well except if I want to make a mismatch pair then I have plenty…

Oh and by the way, I have stuff for who ever is my BSBP partner that was made at camp, not by me and not sure by who. Unclaimed and given to me to pay forward…Another week and partners will be revealed by Lori

Sunday, February 9, 2014

8th Bead Soup Blog Party sign ups

And so it begins, the 8th annual BSBP…I got my confirmation and am ready for another fun event!!!
Now to get my ingredients together for my next bead soup partner. Here is my creation from the 7th BSBP
I received some lovelys from Leanne Loftus. This one holds some sentimental value to me as I used the time creating this as a tool for peace while grieving my girl, Sierra.

Simmer, simmer, simmer until February 28th when partners will be revealed. 
Thanks again Lori

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Once upon the Eve of the 8th Bead Soup Blog Party...

On the eve of sign ups I get ready 
to begin a new blog devoted only 
to my beading, wire working and lamp working 
{{yes bead camp was the best experience I have had in a long time more on that later}} 
back to the Bead soup Party that Lori Anderson 
is throwing. My phone started reminding me today-:) 
Gotta love schmart phones. Anyhow, I have enjoyed this party 
twice think this was the 6th BSBP. My partner Ema sent me 
beautiful lamp work beads that I wear at least once per week and 
get lots of compliments.I hope there will be more blogs now that I 
am going to have an exclusive blog for my different roles. Well technology 
will continues to be a challenge until the house is built, but hey did the 
last two with limited access so its all good.  I was using a different blog, 
tree of life, which I am going to use for my farm life, so come
and visit there too and sit a spell.
Until tomorrow…Peace~Laurie

PS Got a new addition yesterday :-)

Love her already!!!!